They must be rolling in the dough…

A recent audit of the U.S. Government exposed the Justice Department for spending as much as $16 per muffins ($16 x 250 muffins…you do the math) and $10 per cookie at a legal conference in 2009. Whoa!

I am just thinking…my daughter’s school is holding a bake sale on Friday. If they sell their muffins for $16 each, the school could actually build their own cafeteria…or upgrade their computers…or buy text books.

But really, who would pay $16 for a muffin?

Are there any politicians out there who want to come to a bake sale on Friday?


Update: The Hilton (where the conference was held) insisted that they did not charge $16 per muffin. It was, in fact, a short-hand invoice error. See, instead of listing all the items that was included in the $16 per person charge, the invoice just said “muffin”. Uh-huh. Why wouldn’t they give an itemized bill? That’s bad record keeping right there…if I believed it anyway.

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