Today at the Rink…

Today was Alex’s first day at the rink with her new coach. To say she was nervous would be an understatement. I think it was the intimidation factor. She has never skated on a Freestyle ice session or had a skating coach (other than the synchro team coach). They are getting used to each other; and she is figuring out the routine of a competitve figure skater. She did get overwhelmed at one point and had to come off the ice for a Mommy pep-talk but other than that she hung in there and pushed through. She also had a fast-pasted stroking class right after her lesson that gave her a good workout and helped break in her new skates.

An new coach, new skates, new ice schedule and new stroking class. How many firsts could she have in one day?

Oh, and we both learned the “rules”. There are a lot of rules in figure skating. Like the skater with the colored belt has the right away on the ice because she/he is running through her music routine. No standing around and talking with other skaters. You are here to work, not gossip. If you need to stop or talk you must move to the boards. And, no side-line coaching from parents or talking through the glass to Mom. That is why you pay for a coach.

We stopped at Target on our way home for a new warm skating shirt and DVDs for burning home movies. We stopped for 2 things and ended up spending $65! How does that happen?

Tonight, dinner at the Chophouse with hubby. It’s our 16th wedding anniversary. Awww.

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