Today I…

Today I…

  • lost count as to how many times I turned off a light that was not in use: 10, 12, 20?
  • actually told someone to turn their light off in their bedroom or bathroom: 5 times
  • picked up towels on the bathroom floor: 4 times
  • yelled at the girls to close the door, the air conditioner is on: 9 times
  • have said, “Pick your stuff up in the living room!”: 2 times; the other 3 times I just did it myself
  • have told someone to bring their “indoor toys” inside from the sandbox: 2 times
  • have told the girls to stop flipping off the couch: 5 times
  • told someone to clean up the spilled water on the living room carpet or hardwood floor: 2 times
  • yelled, “Stop teasing your sister!”: 3 times
  • told the girls, “If you get hurt messing around, don’t come crying to me.”: 2 times; and they still came crying to me: 2 times

It’s no wonder I am so tired today!

The girls made a private beach in the sand pit
I don't want to see the water least they weren't fighting!

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