Why can’t teachers do the math?

Someone please explain to me why a 100 sheet spiral wide ruled notebook costs $1.75 and the 70 page version cost only 20¢?

On the school supply list: Six 100 sheet spiral wide ruled notebooks totaling $10.50 (before tax) VS six 70 sheet spiral wide ruled notebooks totaling $1.20 (before tax).

Am I smarter than a 4th grade teacher when it comes to economics?

I am still only getting started with the school supply list this year. Another item on the list that I don’t get is 3 glue sticks. Oh, well glue sticks come in packages of 1, 2, 4 or 6! Where are these teachers coming up with their numbers? Must be that new math.

I case you’re wondering…I bought the 70 sheet notebooks, saved myself $9.30, and the teacher will just have to deal. Sorry.

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