Stuck in the Suburbs…Get me Outta Here!

So, lately I have been daydreaming. Daydreaming about taking a drive out of our severely suburban neighborhood and not returning for a long while. Daydreaming of booking a hotel (a nice one with a mountain view), ordering room service, sleeping until noon and reading a book, uninterrupted.

Just today, as I was turning the girls’ bedroom lights off for the 100th time and picking wet towel off the bathroom floor, I wondered, “Is this what my life has become?”  What happened to that adventurous life I thought I was going to have? I once dreamed of a life filled with travel to new and exotic places. My dream job was to become a travel writer. I would combine my love of photography and writing; and get paid handsomely for it.

What happened to that adventurous girl?

I got married and had kids, yes, but did my dreams have to stop when that happened? Why have I surrendered my dreams of traveling the world? And, no, I don’t think I have just traded my old dreams for new ones…I think they have been pushed aside for responsibilities.

Traveling with kids suck! At least with mine. I once read an article about a family who were basically gypsies and they had 4 kids with another on the way. They lived in an VW bus and drove all over Europe, living out of this bus, home-schooling their kids and picking up work in whatever city they happen to be in. First, I wondered how many times have their kids asked, “Are we there yet?” But after that I thought, “What a life!”

I was a little bit jealous.

My neighbor’s daughter was given a free trip to Edinburgh, Scotland this week. I repeat, FREE! She’s in her early 20s…lucky girl. Jealous, again.

I’ve been to Edinburgh about 10 years ago…I was pregnant with my first child. It was the last hooray.

Let’s just say for fun that I could go anywhere in the world (money is no object)…where would it be? The Galapagos Islands. The islands are so pristine, largely untouched by humans, and beautiful. Glenn bought me  a couple of books for Christmas last year and I have poured over them.  It’s the perfect opportunity for wildlife photography. Ah, a girl can dream.

Wait a minute! Why just dream it? I am thinking I need to plan a trip. Just me and hubby. Channel my inter-adventurer…find that girl who left me long ago.

What unfulfilled dreams do you have? It’s never too late. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

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