Things on our minds today…

  1. When will we get a new dog? That’s what people have been asking. I tell them, “When I stop expecting to see Bailey at the top of the stairs when I come home from work.” Maybe when I stop getting teary-eyed thinking about her.
  2. Will Alex be a singles ice skater or on a synchro team this season? She is still exploring her options. It’s an important decision. Picking a coach is a daunting task. From what I’ve been told it’s like a marriage, and you don’t want to divorce your coach unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  3. How hard will the 4th grade be this year. And more importantly, how much homework will she get?
  4. Why is there so many items on the school supply list? I know my mom never bought this much stuff when I was a kid! And why does the water bottle have to be made of plastic? I just pick up some metal water bottles on clearance for cheap at Target. She will be taking a metal water bottle to school, sorry.
  5. Where did the summer go? We haven’t checked off very many of the items on our Summer Bucket List.
  6. I’ve got writers block. {Can you tell?} Too much stress, I think. Too much death around me this month.
  7. Confession. I haven’t been to church in weeks. Unless you count the Sunday I went with mom while I was in Missouri. Mostly because I don’t hear the Word preached there; I see a marketing ploy to get more money from me. They want to build a new shiny church. When you can’t throw a rock without hitting a Christian church in Denver. When people all over the world die for practicing Christianity, we build another church with soft chairs and air conditioning…to make us feel good.

2 thoughts on “Things on our minds today…

  1. Tell me about with the school stuff . Mine in middle school so why do they need markers , glue and crayons?? I remember just paper and pens.


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