Photography | The Ranch

The old barn
White horse
The old farmhouse

On 4th of July we went out to “the ranch” in Deer Trail, Colorado. This is Glenn’s Grandma’s old ranch. His cousins now live in the house and run cattle on the ranch.

It is seriously quiet. Unlike the city with constant noise. Anyway, I like the old place. (I should probably stop calling it “old”. I don’t think Amy would like me calling her house old.) The barns, the fence, the garden that I could never tend, horses, rabbits, chickens, oh my! And a large bull snake trying to get the eggs out of the chicken coop. I love it all.

More photos after the jump…

Deer Trail, Colorado

White horse in black and white

All-American Girl: Alexandra
All-American Toddler: Parker Faith

Side note: Parker surprised me this weekend with a do-it-yourself  hair cut! Again! I am going to lock up the scissors in a safe…


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