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Way back last winter, Glenn brought home 4 solid wood doors that a client was throwing out. For free. The thought was that we could replace our ugly hollow wood doors with beautiful solid wood doors. It was a nice thought…not one of the doors would work! {sigh.}

After these doors sat outside over the winter, a light bulb went on (in my head). Why not re-purpose the doors into headboards for the girls’ room?

I will admit that I have brilliant ideas all the time but I don’t have the skills to pull it off. I wish I was handy this way. I wish I could see things for more than what they were originally used for and then turn it into something spectacular. But I can’t.

I love my hand-held drill but this is reserved for minor drilling of holes and inserting of a screw around the house. I hate sanding. I hate prepping wood with primer. I don’t like power tools, mainly table saws…that’s why I married a handy guy.  Needless to say, I procrastination and this weekend project took me 3 months to complete. Yes, 3-whole-months!

Stop laughing.

Alex's headboard
Parker's headboard

I chose to go simple. No molding. Silver spray paint that I had in the garage for the door knob. A little bit of paint on the doors. All pieces where used from the door, including the posts. I measured and Glenn (happily?) cut all the pieces down for me with the table saw. I offered to do it myself, but I think he was afraid I would end up with one less hand!

I got inspiration from here, here and here.

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  1. How nice ! Don’t sell yourself short…..Remember that tall blue-eyed FATHER of yours…..YOU are his daughter. If you had a chance to operate that MENS-ONLY equipment you would surprise yourself ! How are you guys? I am finally back online….yay!


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