Their Dad Rocks!

Parker and Daddy
Alex and Daddy

Lucky are my girls to have such a great father. Their Dad Rocks! I created the above artwork to make t-shirts for the girls to wear on Father’s Day but…we had a death in the family (our beloved dog, Bailey)…and I lost my will.


Update: Okay, some how I found the energy/will to get the t-shirts done before Father’s Day. After a stop at Fed-x/Kinko’s to see if they could color copy the artwork onto iron-on transfer paper, which they could not, I went to Hobby Lobby for supplies. Two white t-shirts and fabric paint markers. Using a black fabric marker (note: always wash your fabric first), I placed the artwork inside the shirt and traced the letters. I let the girls color in the letters. They enjoyed that very much. It was Alex’s idea to add the large heart around the “My Dad Rocks” text and add smaller hearts…she is so creative!


I love this font. Remember “School House Rock” on PBS? It has that kind of feel. It’s called Agent Orange and I got it free at Urban Fonts. Be sure to check out Today’s Creative Blog for lots of creative ideas.

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