That crazy thing called Hormones.

{TMI Alert} After being diagnosed in December of 2010 with hormonal issues and menstrual irregularities that were causing me not to ovulate every month, the doctor prescribed birth control pills. After only a month and a half the pills I thought I was going crazy. And not PMS-kind-of-crazy but let’s-drive-off-a-bridge-crazy. Scary stuff.

Fortunately, years of dealing with depression and anxiety have taught me one thing…those thoughts ARE NOT NORMAL! So, I promptly stopped taking the pills. My doctor wanted to try a different brand of birth control. Still reeling with anxiety from the pills, I just didn’t feel comfortable with that idea. So, I started my own research on natural remedies to level out the hormones.

Herbs can be tricky. Some can actually do more harm than good. I chose to look further. Not to say that herbs don’t work for some people and I am not totally ruling out that option. I certainly will get advice from a herbalist; someone who knows a whole lot more on that subject than I do.


Then I came across acupuncture. I hadn’t thought about it as a treatment for hormonal issues before. I know people who use it as a pain reliever. So, I did my research and decided to give it a try. Turns out one of the Synchro Skate Moms is an acupuncturist. {Just my luck! Talk about Him working things out before I know I need it!}

Chinese medicine has recognized gynecology for around 3500 year. Acupuncture is a very subtle treatment, looking closely and carefully at what imbalance has occurred and this is why  it is particularly effective in treating all sorts of gynecological disorders. {Source here.}

My last of four treatments of acupuncture was today. I am still a week away from seeing if my cycle has returned to normal. But I can say that I have not spotted once this month. (Oh, TMI, again. But we’ve got to be honest here. It’s a part of being a woman.) I also can say my anxiety has been reduced. I seem to be more patient. Patience is something I was not born with and the stress of raising a family magnifies that fact!

So, what I would say to any woman who is facing hormonal issues is this:  If one treatment is not working for you, don’t be afraid to look for another option. Don’t be afraid to go against conventional medicine. Don’t rule out any options available to you. It’s important to do your research. Be informed. Only then can you make an educated decision about your health.


If you are having suicidal thoughts, thoughts of harming yourself, harming your children or harming someone else, PLEASE seek help! You are not alone. You are not the first woman to ever have these thoughts. I was surprised to learn how many of my women friends confided to me that they too have had “scary thoughts”. So, please don’t “wait it out”…Speak up and GET HELP TODAY.

3 thoughts on “That crazy thing called Hormones.

  1. Wow, what a powerful post! How do they find out what your imbalance is? Is it just a process of elimination, or are there specific points that are always used for specific ailments?


    1. My acupuncturist uses a test method with hormone vials. I hold the hormone vial in one hand with a fist, and with the other hand I hold out in front of me and make it strong. If she cannot push down my strong arm then I am okay on that hormone. If she can push down my strong arm then I am imbalanced in that hormone. Then she will put the needles is specific spots for those hormones. When I started I had 15 hormones that were out of balance. I am now down to maybe one per session, if that. Sometimes the hormones are good and I just treat my sinuses (needles in the face). The needles stimulate specific acupuncture points and corrects imbalances in the flow of hormones. There is also a cupping method and a electronic method (electrodes attached to needles) which I have not done.


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