Pickle Popsicles

What’s the latest summertime treat? Dill Pickle Popsicles. I know what you’re thinking…that’s gross!  I craved pickles so bad when I was pregnant with Parker that I ate a WHOLE jar at one time…then promptly got sick. {Is that TMI?}  So, I would agree that this is gross; but my kids love them. This treat comes straight from my girls’ summer daycare. Obviously I don’t have to explain how to make them…Who knows. Maybe your kids (or you) will love them too.

Updated: So, I’ve had a few people ask if this is a frozen pickle on a stick? The answer is “no”. (Showing a jar of pickles in the photo probably made it a little confusing. Sorry about that!) I poured the dill pickle juice into a popsicle mold, added the stick and froze it.  My daughter thinks it would be a great idea to freeze a pickle slice in the mold with the juice…a little treat for when you’re finished sucking the frozen juice. I am not sure about that. You guys may have to let me know how that works out!

(An after-thought: After filling the popsicle molds with the juice I added extra water to the pickles in the jar so that I don’t completely waste them.)

13 thoughts on “Pickle Popsicles

  1. I’ll take your word for it-they do sound odd-I’ll try them with your kids. I love that your word is “nourish”. That is an amazing word.


    1. I said my kids love them. They make me nauseous. 😉 I think it is truly a “kids thing”!


  2. This cracks me up- first off I’m almost 12 weeks pregnant and have ALWAYS (even pre-pregnancy) loved pickles…my husband however gets grossed out by the smell of them. So I can only imagine what he would say if he came home to his pregnant pickle-pop-sickle eating wife!!


    1. When I was pregnant I would have made these but not now. I think you should make some if for not other reason than to see the look on your husband’s face when he opens the freezer!


  3. I drink pickle juice out of the jar, in fact, I usually have to throw out pickles because they are shriveled up in the bottom with no juice in them! This started when I was pregnant with my daughter – 13 years ago.

    I’m totally making these.


    1. My sister and I loved drinking pickle juice as kids too! Let me know what you think of these. I have to buy more pickles this weekend because the kids love them so much!


      1. Ok, so this might sound “duh,” but do you put the pickle on the plastic stick and then fill it up with juice? Or just freeze the pickle? Or is it just juice frozen? Do tell.


  4. Melissa,

    Okay, it’s just the pickle juice. Pour it into a Popsicle mold, add stick and freeze. Now, my daughter wants to add a pickle in the mold so that you get a little “treat” after you’ve sucked the popsicle..pickle slices might work best depending on how large your mold is.


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