Tourist in your own town.

It’s been raining in Denver for the past 4 days or so. Even though I love the rain not everyone does. So in typical Colorado weather fashion… it can be raining one day and gorgeous the next. Saturday was one of those gorgeous days. We headed to the Denver Botanical Gardens for fresh air and photography.

Here’s a great idea for summer break…be a tourist in your own town. A day at the Denver Botanical Gardens isn’t cheap (as we found out today), but you can check websites of your favorite Gardens, Zoo, or Aquarium in your town for free days. Be sure to pack your patience on those days, though. You can check out free days here for Denver area attractions.

The Denver Botanical Gardens has changed a lot since the last time we were there (about 5 years ago). There is now a Childrens Garden on the rooftop of the new parking garage. This was so much fun for the kids. Kids can feel free to get dirty digging in the dirt and mud with shovels, get soaked in the creek and play on the “fort”.

At the Childrens Garden

Don’t you just love Parker’s t-shirt? That is her motto.

white flower with bee

The bees were a plenty today! Which is bad for Alex. She thinks the bees are out to get her. I am not afraid to up close and personal to a bee. There was a huge beautiful yellow jacket that I tried my best to take his picture, but he wasn’t having any of it. {sigh.}

Entering the Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is my favorite. It’s very zen-like. The Gardens also has an indoor tropical garden that is really cool (I mean hot and humid) that can’t be missed. More photos after the jump…

My Girls

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  1. I love that shirt ‘your not the boss of me’ need one for myself even if i am over 50.


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