Pray for Joplin

If you haven’t seen the photos of Joplin, Missouri yet…well, the destruction is hard to describe. I pray for everyone who is still missing, like my customer’s cousin, Mary Beth. I pray for those who lost their life today and for those who came close. I pray for those who survived, but lost everything they own. I pray for those who are living without their loved ones today. And I ask Lord, walk with all of them today. Hold their hand. Comfort them in their time of need for You. Strengthen them to pull through this devastation. To carry on. Amen.

Joplin Before and After

Source: Center for Investigative Reporting.


2 thoughts on “Pray for Joplin

  1. I’ve been posting pics and vids of Joplin on my FB page for a few days now. I just can’t believe the destruction there, it makes me so sad. I’m very thankful that we have survived some bad weather this year.


    1. …and the year isn’t over yet! The survival stories just make me cry. This is my home state.


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