Where does she get this stuff anyway?

Tuesday night at the dinner table the conversation goes something like this: Four-year-old Parker doesn’t want to eat the dinner that is on her plate. She wants something else. Big Mean Mommy (that’s me) says, “No. Eat what is on your plate or you will get nothing later.”

“You ruined my life!”

Little Parker screams at me. She then stomps to her room in a fit. Did I mention she is 4-years-old?

I turn to my oldest 9-year-old daughter and say, “Well. I guess that means I am way ahead of schedule. I can now start ruining your life.” {wink.}

Forget college. I should start saving for boarding school now. And in case you are wondering…I had a talk with Parker. She came back to the table and ate all her dinner; and she got her snack later in the evening. I have to ask…Where does she get this stuff?

4 thoughts on “Where does she get this stuff anyway?

  1. oh…what fun motherhood is…..on some days anyway. Cute post and it sounds like you must be doing a great job if your already ruining their life.


    1. Yes, I didn’t expect to be ruining her life until she was about 12 or 13! So I guess I can scratch that off my to-do list.


  2. your little sister had a nickname (stomper) remember? she would stomp off to the other room when she didn’t get her way.


    1. And Alex told me to stop “getting in her business” the other night…I told her that she is 9-years-old and I WILL be in “her business” until the day she moves out! So there!


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