What does “Sunday Best” mean anyway?


I’ve heard some say to attend church you must “dress the part”. That means you must dress up in “proper” church attire…your Sunday best. Apparently that includes no Twilight t-shirts, no ripped jeans, no bedazzled pink skull and cross-bone shirts, no cut-offs, and no low-cut shirts showing off what God gave you.

But wasn’t it Jesus who refused to listen to religious leaders of his time when they told him not to dine with sinners? (Matthew 9:11-13) Wasn’t it Jesus who touched the untouchables, the lepers? (Matthew 8:2-4) Wasn’t it Jesus who excepted all who came to him no matter the sin or circumstance? Church is not just for those who look the part, it’s for all of us growing and learning to walk in faith.

I like to think of our Lord as a come-as-you-are-God. He doesn’t care what you wear, how many piercings you have or if your shoes are shined. What difference does it make if you “dress the part” on Sunday morning if you go home and beat your wife, molest your nephew or cheat on your husband? You’re not fooling Him. He knows your heart.

He is only concerned about how your heart is dressed.

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