Thank you, Mom.

Thank you for all the sacrifices you made as a single mother raising two daughters.

Thank you for the wonderful memories of Christmas. And the Easter baskets that were always stuffed with chocolate.

Thank you for raising us up in faith, even if we left it for a while.

Thank you for putting up with my mood swings growing up. Now that I am the one dealing with mood swings from my own daughter…you were a saint! Please tell me your secret.

Thank you for the “country memories”.

Thank you for letting me move to Denver and spread my wings, even though I am sure it hurt to watch me go.

Speaking of Denver, thank you for the credit card. Without it I would have been living in my Ford Escort with Elizabeth!

Thank you for never giving me unsolicited advice.

Thank you for nursing me back to health that time you came to visit in Denver, it ruined your vacation, I know.

Thank you for accepting Glenn as your favorite son-in-law.

Thank you for all the emails.

Thank you for showing me how to “give until it hurts”. You never turned someone away who needed a roof over their head.

Thank you for being my mom.

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