41 things at 41

Today I turn 41. (eekkk!) The girls actually slept in this morning until 7:15. I stayed in bed til 9:00, thanks in part to hubby taking the girls upstairs to leave me alone. Parker could hardly contain herself to give me her present…a beautiful butterfly necklace.

Alex got me a book entitled, Why a Daughter Needs a Mother. I am told she almost had a melt-down in Target because she couldn’t find this book! She got Why a Daughter needs a Father for Daddy for his birthday. I guess she thinks we need to know what we are here for (haha). She also gave me a necklace with an Eiffel Tower charm, because we want to go to Paris when she turns 16. But she needs to learn French. I really only know about 3 phrases in French and that will not get us far in Paris! Sadly, I flunked French in High School.

Hubby got me a DSLR, even though I told him not to spend that kind of money on a camera. He never listens to me!

Since I am a “list person”, I made a 41 things list about me at 41: (in case you wanted to know)

  • 6 Movies I will Stop and Watch if its on TV: Bourne Identity (any of the 3), The Color Purple, Interview with a Vampire, Gone with the Wind, Juno, and Remember the Titans.
  • 5 Home Spring Projects I Want to Get Done before the Snow Starts to Fly: A new front screen door (the old one got ripped off by the wind), back patio repair, backyard living space, repaint the exterior of the house, & finish the girls’ re-purposed headboards.
  • My 5 Secrets of Adulthood: (Now that I am really an adult) Wash your face every night (don’t be lazy), get a good night sleep, eat good food, don’t tolerate friends who use you or are drama queens, & you’re never too old to try something new.
  • 1 Personal Commandment: Don’t ever say “yes” because you’ll feel guilty if you say “no”. No is a good word.
  • 2 Things I am Obessed With Right Now: French Food at Home on the Cooking Channel. The Host has inspired me to bake a beef wellington (or Boeuf en Croute), and writing on this blog…once upon a time I wanted to be a writer.
  • My Dream Job: A travel writer. No surprise there. I would love to RV for a living and write about it. Of course, I would get paid too. “My dream is to live on the road,” said Alex one day when we were talking about it.
  • 2 of My Greatest Fears: That one of my kids will be harmed or killed in a freak accident. (I think I have talked about this before.) And I don’t want to die heartbroken.
  • 2 Books I am Reading Right Now: One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, and The Chocolate Diaries for blogging for books.
  • 2 Plans for the Summer: Our family reunion trip to Ft. Worth, TX in June, and coming up with ideas for our “Stay-at-Home-Camp”. (More on that later.)
  • 1 More To-Do List: Started my 1,000 Gifts List.
  • 2 Things Colorado Doesn’t Have Enough of And why I miss Missouri sometimes: rainy days and big fluffy cloud sky.
  • 4 Foods I am Craving Right Now: Spanakopita (Greek spinach pie), guacamole with warm chips, hummus with pita chips and Dr. Pepper…yes, I would eat them all at the same time!
  • 4 Things I Wish I had More of: Patience, Laughter, Love, Inner-peace.
  • 3 of My Favorite Verses: Proverbs 4:23, Psalm 118:24, and Proverbs 15:4

So that is 41 things…I challenge you to make a list all about you right now. Too often we spend a lot of time thinking about the future and not enough time enjoying right-here-right-now. What’s on your mind? What is it people may not know about you? What’s going on in your life at this very minute? Let me know. I don’t hate comments.

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