Somedays I feel like an air traffic controller…

…except I don’t get to nap on the job.

Yesterday was one of those days. A day so busy and scheduled that if I was not careful it would have all gone down in flames!

It started with getting to Alex’s school early to set up her display for the Science Fair, then drop Parker off at Daycare, drive in rush-hour traffic to the office, put out fires, work until 3pm, drive back to school to drop off snacks for Brownies, get reprimanded by a 9-year-old Brownie that I was late with snacks (to be fair, I told the troop leader I would be late), drive over to the vet to pick up Bailey (hubby dropped her off that morning, thanks baby), take one very happy dog home, go back out to put gas in the van, back to daycare to pick up Parker, back to school to pick up Alex from Brownies, drive straight home to get a quick dinner, then back out the door to the  ice rink for skate practice, have Alex work on homework in van, Alex skates until 7:30 with team, drive home, prepare for exhaustion melt-down from Alex…right on schedule, then to bed. Whew!

Thankful for busyness, even if it is crazy.

* * * Some Easter JOY below. * * *

We had to run to the store for vinegar...I had to bribe the girls with promises of donuts!

Put reinforcement hole stickers on the eggs before dying to get cute polka-dot-circles... this!

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