Happy Monday

Okay, so someone ripped the wall hooks off Parker’s bedroom wall…her newly painted wall…damaged the wall! Parker wouldn’t fess up. She blamed it on Alex (who wasn’t even home at the time). So we sat down at the table for lunch and talked. I asked her, “What would Jesus say if I asked Him who ripped the hooks off the wall?”

Oh, yes, I went there.

Lucky for me the camera was sitting right there on the table–I caught this look.

I know she was thinking, “Oh, man. Jesus knows everything! I am so busted.”

She fessed up and I didn’t even need to get the interrogation lamps out. Thank you Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. she is so beautiful. I had told my mother a lie when i was in the sixth grade and she played along with me on it till i figured out , she knew the truth all along. how sneaky of her to let me dig the hole deeper and deeper till she let me know she knew i was lying all along. mothers know all to…


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