Good sportswoman-like conduct.

6 girls. 12 blades. 1 heart.

Last night was Alex’s first competition with her Synchronized Skate Team. She was very excited, never nervous. I don’t know who she gets that from! The team skated to a Toy Story medley and they were dressed kind of like Jessie, the cowgirl. Anyway. Hubby was very nervous. He has watched practices and wasn’t sure how it would shake down. But when the music started the girls turned it on. Really. Amazing job.

That is Alex waiting to go on the ice. I ghosted out the other girls on the team…don’t know how the parents would feel about their child’s face appearing on the web. Not that it really matters because my simple point and shoot camera is pathetic.

Proud synchro mom here…Seriously, tears in my eyes. The footwork wasn’t perfect. Their steps were out of sync at times but no one got confused on where to go. No one fell on the ice. They communicated on the ice. They looked beautiful. They kept it together. Most importantly, they worked as a team. They supported the older, more experienced synchro team after their performance. Just as the older girls supported them. And that is what it is all about. No snarky figure skaters here. Support and encouragement all the way. And they were happy with 2nd place. Because they have worked hard. They deserved it. True sportswoman-like conduct.

Me doing my best to entertain the 4 year old Parker. She can’t find her patience…I asked her. She said she lost it. She doesn’t know where it is. {eye roll}

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