Sunday thoughts

The first daffodils of the season have shown their little faces in our backyard. I can’t resist picking them to display on the dining room table.

“To everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven…” Ecllesiastes 3:1 NLT


Little sisters are pretty cool. I am sure there was a time in my life when I didn’t think my little sister was cool…or even fun. But I can’t remember that time.

She would say that I am just too old and can’t remember. {sigh.}

We got our first tattoos together. We were home visiting our mom, sitting in the car in our hometown Walmart parking lot. We both noticed a biker with tats pulling into a parking spot. “I’ve been wanting a tattoo.” “Me too.” And that was that.

We picked out the design from the book in the tattoo shop. She picked a flower. I picked a butterfly. So original. At the last minute we changed our minds and traded designs. So, I have her tattoo and she has mine.

Pretty cool.

that's me and my little sis...circa 1975


almost done loading up the sale

And speaking of seasons changing…Hubby sold a big chunk of his Hot Wheels collection to another collector/dealer this weekend. He didn’t realize he could fill a U-Haul truck! I did.

I know he is disappointed. He had hoped that one day we would have that collectible toy store again. But, I would remind him that “…everything has a purpose under heaven.” Today is not the day for the store.

Someday his opportunity will come. These toys have provided for us this winter when he wasn’t working. For that I am thankful. Grateful.

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