Every little girl deserves a pretty bedroom to call her own.

Parker is 4 years old. It is time she gets a bedroom redo. Every little girl deserves a pretty bedroom to call her own.

It’s been 9 years since I redecorated this bedroom. It was originally Alex’s nursery with a Winnie the Pooh theme. Then when Parker was born the girls shared the room until Alex finally got her own room last year. I feel sorry for Parker sometimes. She is the youngest and gets a lot of hand-me-downs. She gets the short end of the stick! When Alex got her new room I painted it but ran out of steam when I started to paint Parker’s. I got as far as patching the holes in the walls. And there her room sat…for a year!

I forgot to take “Before” pictures of the entire room…Alex was not happy! She was sad to see her old room painted. But I did take this picture last week. You can see the walls were painted a Winnie the Pooh blue on the top, lime green on the bottom and a lilac border in the middle. Want to guess how many coats of white paint it took to cover that paint? If you guessed 5 coats of paint, you are a winner!

pink butterfly room

Three walls are painted white and the fourth wall is painted cotton candy pink (Parker’s choice). The butterfly stickers are from The Dollar Tree. Four sheets for $1 each! The pink butterfly idea came from her new sheets…pink butterflies.

close-up of butterfly wall

I am still looking for accessories that apply to the butterfly theme. But, for now Parker really loves her new room, made just for her! There are a few more pictures after the jump…

butterfly sheers found at JcPenny many years ago
cotton candy pink wall with princess stickers from Target clearance

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