Handmade faith jewelry

Once upon a time I was a crafty-girl. I even sold my “wears” at craft fairs for several years. Then, I had kids. I love ’em but they really are a time suck… Lately I have been inspired with handmade jewelry. I am almost obsessed, particularly with “faith” jewelry. I’ve been experimenting with different techniques. Here are my latest two pieces.

"faith can move mountains" mustard seeds in a bottle necklace

“…if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.” ~Matthew 17:20 NLT.

I made this one for my mom. Mom, here’s a bottle full of Faith for when you think you can’t do it anymore.

"faith" dog tag with mustard seed bottle cap necklace

To remind my oldest daughter that faith can indeed move mountains, I made her this necklace. I used her favorite color as the backdrop for the mustard seed. I hope she loves it.

11 thoughts on “Handmade faith jewelry

  1. I love these, not only are they pretty but they are also so very meaningful. How wonderful…
    All Things Heart and Home


  2. saw you on Catch a Glimpse- such lovely jewelry! I really love the mini vial of seeds, that would make a great bookmark too! I might just have to make one myself now- thanks for the inspiration 😀


  3. These are really great! I was wondering what you used in the middle of the bottle cap to hold the mustard seed in ( the blue substance). Thanks!


  4. Please tell me how to make these. I am hosting a retreat this June for 60 women our theme is “Simple Faith”~Matt 17:20!!! or better yet can I order these from you, if so, how much are they? Thanks!


    1. The mustard seed necklace is made with a little bottle bought at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry section, fill it with mustard seeds, super glue the cork so that the necklace doesn’t accidentally pop open. Add any colored jewels you like and a “faith” tag, also available at Hobby Lobby. I used the “dog tag” type necklace chain because they are cheaper than actual chains.

      The Dog Tag is a little more complicated. I found the dog tag at Hobby Lobby. I designed and printed out the pattern for the dog tag using Photoshop, printed it out on my color printer and cut it out. I then added a piece of double stick tape the back of the printed art to hold it in place on the dog tag. I then filled the dog tag with Liquid Lacquer (found in scrapbooking stores). After the dog tag dries, make a hole through the lacquer with a nail for the chain. For the bottle cap (found, again in the jewelry making section) I painted the inside with nail polish, filled with liquid lacquer, added one mustard see while lacquer was still wet.


  5. I love. I’m a pastor’s wife, I would love to order some of these…… feel like making more? 🙂


    1. Thanks Mandy! They are really cute but I probably won’t be making more. If you would like more instruction on how to make them, contact me via email. I am happy to help. 🙂


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