from my better half

As time goes by our lives change.
We change jobs, friends, family.
We even change our feelings.

We are constant companions,
Sharing our lives, family and love.
We are incomplete as one.
Alone and seldom happy.

You have spent more time of your life
with me than even your Mother.
You’ve shown your love, fears and sorrow.
And even though our lives have changed,
Our love continues, changed,
but still there, as strong as ever.

Children change lives
And even though we are together,
Many times we seem apart.

But know this for sure,
Every time you smile,
Every time you laugh,
Every time we talk together
I know why I love you so,
And realize that the love is not lost,
It is just temporarily shared with others.

From my better half to me on Valentine’s Day.

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