all she wanted…

All she wanted for Christmas is a Zuca bag. I case you have a clue what a Zuca bag is…it’s a $150 bag to carry her $60 ice skate in, people! We can’t justify shelling out $150 on ONE gift. $150 is more than I would spent on her total for Christmas. So how do I justify it? Or better yet, where can I get it for cheap?

I placed and lost 2 bids on ebay.

Craigslist had 3 listings for a Zuca bag. One bag (for $90) was at a pawn shop and in terrible conditions (this guy is crazy asking $90). The second is in great condition, but it is brown with blue stars. She specifically said “No brown!”

The third listing has no picture. A quick email to the seller with an attachment of a Zuca bag gets me a response that it is “exactly like the picture” I sent, except it is lavender in color. And it is at the bargain price of $75. Perfect. But please send me a photo to verify, I ask the seller.

What seemed to be a simple request turned into frustration. After repeated emails verifying that the seller would send a photo and then not receiving the photos I gave up. Seven days. Seven days of waiting. Seven days of promises. I had resigned myself into paying retail for the bag. $150 people!

I hate paying retail.

Then, in my email box there is a picture of the bag. It is perfect.

all she wanted for Christmas...

She seemed a little disappointed that the bag was used. But hey, the skaters at the rink don’t know that, right? She sat on this thing all day long, watching tv and having a snack.

Today we are listening to the Dork Diaries on CD. Think Diary of a Wimpy Kid but for girls. The girl in the book is 14 years old and desperately trying to impress MacKenzie, the “it” girl in middle school. Oh, the memories this book brings back, being a certified dork myself. The girl is begging her parents to buy her an iPhone to impress MacKenzie and her band of fashionable minions. An iPhone. For a 14 year old. I just got a glimpse into my future. And I am complaining about the cost of a Zuca bag? {sigh.}

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