project life: 365 days of photos

I finally finished my Project Life: 365 days of photos, 2010! It’s taken me 4 months. Originally the book had 38 pages. Well, I had to order 7 books total as Christmas gifts…that almost broke the bank, so, I had to condense the book to 26 pages. It’s an 8×8 sized book and I used Photoshop Elements to design the pages. The idea is a combination from Becky Higgins (she’s awesome!) and Ali Edwards (she’s super awesome!). Shutterfly printed the books.

Collection of 9 pages

You can view the entire photobook here. I hope you enjoy it.

(Yeah, Mom, your copy of the book is in the mail!)

4 thoughts on “project life: 365 days of photos

  1. thanks i know i will love it when i get it and will be showing it to all my friends at work. i dont know where you got all your talent.


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