daily gratitude | 1.03.11

Spaghetti Tacos night. This comes from one of my girls’ favorite TV show: iCarly on Nick. They eat this all the time on the show. And I couldn’t get my girls to eat spaghetti. They complained, “Spaghetti aggggaaaain?”  So I thought why not make it fun with spaghetti tacos. It worked! The girls love spaghetti now…as long as there are tacos shells on the table too.

Photos that make me laugh. This is a picture of my lil’ sister’s dog…driving. It’s just funny and cute. I don’t think she has a driver’s license though. The dog, not my sister.

Because I am a hockey fan. I love this funny church sign:

I’ve heard it before. I think Jesus is a hockey fan. And a huge Avalanche fan, or course.

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  1. i think you can wrap anything in a soft taco shell and it taste good. use it like bread and it doesnt go stale fast either. i have a picture of a dog we used to have that jumped in a bird bath an laid in it . will have to look for it one day.


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