december daily | day 24

“If you don’t stop fighting, I am going to cancel Christmas and give all your gifts away!”

Ah, the sounds of Christmas Eve in our house. The girls are bouncing off the wall with anticipation. Canceling Christmas was an empty threat, of course…

So we busy ourselves with trying to get a good photograph of our beagle, Bailey, who is deathly afraid of the camera. Don’t ask because I have no clue why this is. She just freaks out every time I get the camera out. She’s not the brightest dog in the world but we love her anyway.

Last night was baking night. The girls love to bake. This can set me on edge because I am a “clean” baker. I am keeping everything clean as I bake. The girls are messy. They are still getting the hang of it. Alex is becoming a good baker. She understands the basics of baking that a lot of adults don’t understand. Like, you use a different kind of measuring cup for liquid and dry ingredients. She knows how to level off the flour that is always added to baking since we live in high altitude and her favorite is cracking the eggs. She’s very good at that too. Santa will be getting cupcakes this year…because he may be sick of cookies.

alex: top baker
parker: quality controller

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