december daily | day twenty-three

my little ice skater

Today I took my little ice skater to the rink. She met up with her friend and they had fun sliding on the ice. Check out her new skate pants. She “had” to have them…all the ice skaters are wearing them. All this girl wants for Christmas is a Zuca bag (a.k.a. one expensive bag to carry her skates in). Thanks to Craigslist she will get one, albeit used, not new. I haven’t skated in maybe 6-8 weeks. I was a little rusty (I “tripped” over the blue line…haha). Two days ’til Christmas…as ready as I will ever be. I still have to wrap all the presents.

christmas tree at westminster city hall

Last night we mailed letters to Santa. Westminster City Hall normally puts up this great display of Santa’s village complete with elves working in their workshops but because of budget constraints the city couldn’t afford to put it up this year. The girls were very disappointed. They said it wouldn’t even be worth the effort to go over there. We did go anyway…and they did have fun. I did bribe them with hot chocolate from the convenience store though.

letters to santa

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