i am thinking…

Things I love: My family, my friends, my dog
Things I wish I had: Inner-peace, a bigger kitchen, more time, more patience
My favorite place(s) on earth: Home, the ice rink, any bookstore
Things that gross me out: Sitting across from someone who is eating with their mouth open. It’s not see-food, people!
Things I am really good at: Design, scrapbooking. I used to really good at baking too…can you lose your baking mojo?
Books that have stayed with me but I don’t fully understand: Possessing the Secrets of Joy by Alice Walker
Things that anger me: People who think the rules don’t apply to them. Glenn has seen this first-hand the last few weeks. He is picking Alex up after school and seeing exactly what I rant about every week…parents not following the rules in the school parking lot. Yes, the rules are for you too. The rules are there to keep our kids safe.
The best food on earth: Guacamole at Hacienda Colorado. Chips and guac…that’s all I need. Okay, maybe a pomegranate margarita too.
Three things I hope for: 1) my daughters stop fighting and love each other as best friends. 2) my husband stops and listens to me…really listens. 3) that next year is a better one financially.
Things I am thinking about right now: My word for 2011. Instead of a resolution, it’s a word to focus on for the new year. I am thinking “health”. (More details about that later.)


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