big fat lies we tell our kids about Christmas

If you’re naughty, you won’t get any gifts. Big fat lie. Sure, Reindeers can fly. Big fat lie. There is a magical toy shop at the North Pole. Big fat lie. There really is a Santa Claus. Big fat lie.

Ah, it’s a time-honored tradition of lying to our kids. We fill their heads with the idea and wonder of Santa. We tell our kids not to lie, but we uphold this largely commercial lie. A conspiracy of sorts among adults to keep the lie alive. Faking it with presents under the tree labeled “from Santa”. Even going to great lengths to have Santa himself show up at our house for a Christmas party with friends. {Evidence pictured below.}

It’s also a conflict of interest. We teach our kids about Santa, filling their heads with this idea of being naughty or nice equals how many gifts they will get. Lead them to think that “he” knows all. In a way we instill early on the concept of “being good” equals “good things”. (We all know that not to be true.) Then we turn around and tell them that isn’t really the meaning of Christmas. How confusing that must be: Be nice and get lots of gifts, but the gifts aren’t really the point.

A part of me wishes I could go back in time and erase the idea of Santa from their heads. Told them the truth from the start. I know some day soon they will figure it out to be a lie. I am a big fat liar. Right now they still believe. And we continue the lie to uphold that belief. Sigh.

my oldest still won't talk to santa
my youngest couldn't wait to sit on santa's lap


One thought on “big fat lies we tell our kids about Christmas

  1. The stores would have had to invent santa anyway, dont feel guilty about it. But we all know the real reason. So we just need not to have tears of regret. Share your faith. Witness, and honor Christ. And keep the words MERRY CHRISTMAS around for ever.


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