7 silly things I am thankful for

Last week my family did a little craft project where we listed our blessing. We called it “stuffed with blessings”. Mostly we listed living things that we all should be thankful for but sometimes forget. But there are other little things that I am thankful for this year. This list isn’t meant to be serious. These are objects that I could, if I had to, live without; I am grateful all the same that I don’t.

  1. Cartoons. Sponge Bob Square Pants and Scooby Doo. Who says TV isn’t a good babysitter? Some days I wouldn’t get a thing done if it wasn’t for these guys.
  2. Online Shopping. Large frantic crowds of women hyped up on Starbucks makes me scared. Very scared. Black Friday is so much more fun when done in PJs and slippers.
  3. My Laptop. Actually, high-speed wireless internet access because without it the laptop would be useless.
  4. Mac ‘n Cheese. I know it has no nutritional value whatsoever, but some nights it’s all my girls will eat.
  5. My Mini Van. Yeah, it’s not fashionable or cool and it has little electrical quirks that drive me crazy but it gets me where I need to go. Although I wish someone (other than me) would vacuum the Cheerios off the floor already!
  6. Christmas CDs. I have a collection of 12 and plans to buy at least 2 more this season. Enough said.
  7. My Bible. Through study and reading the Bible I have gained a greater understanding of my faith and myself.

These are just little things, that because I am fortunate to live in America, I enjoy. They make my life easier. What little things are you thankful for?

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