my husband has the job i want

The landscaping season has winded down. Now is the time that my hard-working hubby becomes a stay-at-home-husband. Lucky man. He has the job I want. He gets to pick up our oldest daughter after school so she no longer has to attend after school care. He gets to stay up late and sleep in. He gets to stay home the entire week of Thanksgiving during the girls’ fall break. Likewise for Christmas break and Spring break. Our oldest daughter has the flu today. He gets to stay home and nurse her back to health. Sure, he may get vomited on a few times, but that is part of the deal. He (usually) has dinner ready when I get home from my long commute. I just have to make sure the menu is written out and posted on the fridge, and everything is defrosted and ready to go…but I digress.

He doesn’t, however, vacuum, dust, do the laundry or straighten up around the house before I get home. He says he is busy all day…but I have my doubts. Because, apparently, I am the only one you knows where we keep the vacuum cleaner or toilet bowl cleaner. {sigh} I admit there are days that I do very little around the house. But I am one tired mama. Exhausted. I get up in the morning, get dressed, wake the girls, make them breakfast, pack lunches, get the girls dressed, teeth brushed, hair brushed and then drive them each to their schools, then commute to the office. While he hasn’t even showered yet.

I don’t want a commute from h***. Like tonight. A stupid-crazy winter storm blew through the city. It snowed sideways for about 15 minutes. By the time I left the office the roads were only slightly wet, but you would have thought there was black ice everywhere! The top speed? Five miles per hour. Whoa, slow down there people!

I want to be the one nursing my sick child back to health and getting dinner on the table when he walks through the door in the evening. I don’t want to have mommy guilt about leaving work early for Brownies, a recital, a skate show, or anything else that is needed. Mommy guilt…that is a whole other post.

I just I want his job. And the kicker is: He doesn’t realize what a lucky guy he really is. And how envious I am.


After thought: So, some people thought that the above post was a B**** session about my husband. Well, it wasn’t. I am just envious of how lucky he is to stay home with our kids and pissed that he doesn’t know how lucky he is! I did leave work early today to come home and snuggle with my kid who has the flu…clearly I will now get the flu this weekend. And I did have “mommy guilt” for leaving work too. Again, that’s another post for another day.

2 thoughts on “my husband has the job i want

  1. Eeek!

    My husband and I both work full time, but my husband has a much longer commute AND brings our son to and from daycare since it’s near his office.

    Yesterday, our daycare was closed, so I stayed home with our son all day (he’s 11 months and just learning to walk). The house was clean in the morning, and about 30 minutes before the husband got home, I had to do a mad dash to make things orderly.

    I was shocked at how messy everything became with my little bulldozer all over the place. I COULD have kept things neater and done more ‘stuff’ around the house, but I didn’t feel like confining the little guy to the exersaucer or playyard for large chunks of time.

    My husband is the opposite; if he stays home with the kiddo all day for some reason, things will be neat and orderly when I get home. However, I know the kiddo has been in the playyard for half of the day so those things can get done.

    It’s a trade off; I think my husband and I just have different personalities about how to handle ‘things’ when we’re home alone with the kiddo.

    Perhaps your hubby is more my style? Hands on with the kids all day? Of course, if the kids are in school while he gets nothing done, it’s time to have a talk with him! Just like you make him the dinner list, you might have to come up with a to do list. You shouldn’t HAVE to, but maybe after a little while he’ll get the hint.


    1. Funny. No, he tells the kids to go upstairs and “play”. Where they tear the house apart and he only realizes it when I walk in the door and ask if a hurricane hit the house. Then he finally comes up stairs and says to the kids “I told you not to trash the house, girls!”

      He’ll be home with them all next week. I am setting up playdates for him so things get done…it’s like having a teenage boy!


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