don’t you just love halloween

Captain Fashionista

Here’s some shameless pictures of my beautiful kids: The weather was perfect this year. A light jacket was all we needed for trick-or-treating. After years of trick-or-treating in the snow we had to make the most of this glorious Colorado weather…because you know next year we won’t get so lucky!

After I showed Alex pictures of Cyndi Lauper she wanted to be an 80s girl. But then she changed her mind on Friday night to be a glam pirate. So we reworked the 80s costume into a pirate and I made a sword from cardboard and tin foil. Just call me Martha Stewart!

Parker was a ballet bunny rabbit. Easy costume. Just sew a cotton ball tail to a pink ballet outfit, add some pink bunny ears and viola you got yourself one very cute ballet bunny. Parker loved the trick-or-treating but once her bucket was almost full she called it a night. The rest of us kept going.

Pink Ballerina Bunny
The tail

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