i accidentally turned my daughter into a drug dealer

Well, not exactly. Alex, who is in 3rd grade, had a cough; so I did what any self-respecting parent would do…I sent her to school with cough drops. Little did I know the trouble these little cough drops would cause.

I received a phone call from Alex’s school informing me that her cough drops had been confiscated. Apparently they are a controlled substance. Contraband. Drugs. Illegal. I needed to come down to the school to sign a medical waiver form for the “drugs”, then the nurse would keep the drops in her office. I was told this is district policy.

Alright then.

I had no idea that cough drops would be considered drugs. Are they afraid my daughter was going to become a dealer on the playground?

“Hey, kid. I got the cough drops. Berry flavor with vitamin C. It’ll cost you 3 silly bands.” Said in your best 8-year-old-drug-dealer voice.

Yeah. Did I missed the mark as a parent by underestimating the seriousness of just cough drops? So I pulled up Halls’ website. The active ingredient is 7mg of Pectin (okay, so that is a drug, even if it is low) and a lot of sugar.  But, other than the Pectin there was no information whatsoever on the addictive nature of cough drops. Whew! For a minute there I was afraid I might have to check my daughter into the same spa, I mean, rehab as Lindsay.

3 thoughts on “i accidentally turned my daughter into a drug dealer

  1. I swear schools are getting stupider – and stupider…see it’s rubbing off on me by making me say stupider.

    It would be nice if they would teach and stop trying to be PC and government friendly.

    Who’s making sure my kids know more than the EOG test information?
    Who’s getting on that IEP that ____ needs?
    Who’s stopping that bully?

    Oh, sorry, we were busy calling the parents of Sally because she brought cough drops. DOH!

    Not the same topic, but here’s something I wrote about a LONG time ago about my kids and school…it goes with your issue.



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