an open letter to our elected officials

An open letter to our elected officials,

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this letter. I had high hopes for you. I had hoped that you would make good on your campaign promises. I believed you when you said you would change this country; make it better, greater, stronger.

You said you could fix the economy with your stimulus package. You promised me a better public school system for my children. You said you could put people back to work if we just trusted you. You said you were going to lead this country. Instead you led us down a path of more spending and less accountability for the actions of big companies.

You asked us, the people, to tighten our belts. You told us we must make sacrifices. You said there will be tough choices in the future. But, I ask, what sacrifices have you made? That’s right. You sacrificed nothing to add to our national debt with a bail out for greedy banks and automotive companies. Where was the bailout for my family when we needed it? Are you the one who had to make the choice between groceries for the week or paying the heat bill? No, you left those choices to us, the taxpayers.

You have broken your promises time and time again. Things must change in this country. For the good of this country, and my family, I must make some tough choices on Tuesday. So it is for those reasons that I must tell you to clean out your offices. Go stand in the unemployment line that you helped create. Meet the people you should have been working for. Look into the faces of the struggling American families you promised to help. Ask them how they like the change in this country; the change in their lives.

You’re fired.

American Registered Voter

2 thoughts on “an open letter to our elected officials

  1. Well said!

    I am a voter in another country of the world and would like to second your letter but to send it to address it to the leaders of my country also.

    As our fellow citizens struggle every day, our politicians give themselves payrises and break the promises for which we elected them.

    Is this really what democracy has become?


    1. I guess it doesn’t matter what country you live in, politicians are all the same. And that is a sad truth. Unfortunately when we vote usually we are voting for the “lesser of two evils” candidate. I am tired of that.


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