4 things that make me happy today

#1: A new baby in the family!
Welcome Hailey, who shares Parker’s birthday and is her cousin. Lots of black hair like my ‘lil bro. Beautiful.

#2: 3 words: John-Michael Liles (and the Colorado Avalanche). Technically, that is 7 words. I have had serious hockey withdrawals all summer. I know Liles spent most of last season in Coach Sacco’s doghouse but this year is going to be different…this is his year! I can feel it.

#3: 4 day weekend. Need I say more? I should be cleaning the house right now but, I am not. Took Parker to the doctor this morning; she got 2 shots. Ouch! Going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow with the kids.

#4: A great faith quote:

So, that’s it. Part of my own little happiness project. 4 things that I am happy about today. What makes you happy today?

2 thoughts on “4 things that make me happy today

Add yours

  1. the best things in life are not things. makes me happy that the 8 year old can still say he loves me, even though it is not cool to say out loud in front of his brother. happy that my children and grand kids are save in uncertain times. happy that God is a loving God and forgives…always!


    1. Those are good things to be happy for. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we have it pretty good. Even if it just little things that make us happy.


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