happy birthday parker

Parker officially turns 4 years old on Monday but today we celebrated by going to the circus. Parker loved every minute of it. She clapped along, ohs and ahs came out of her mouth, even a “wow” or two…it was the Greatest Show on Earth. I know the elephants are billed as the stars of the show but I think the body benders and the daredevils are the real stars. Amazing stuff that I can’t even begin to explain in words…just go. Today. After the circus we came back to the house and had lunch and cake and ice cream with friends and grandma. Parker got into the birthday mode by telling everyone of the schedule of events for her party…lunch first, then play while mommy cleans up, then cake and ice cream, which everyone will sing “happy birthday” to me, then we open presents and play some more (in case you where wondering). That’s my girl, the program director.

What a sweet day it was. Full of  “thank you for a great party, mommy!” from my baby girl. It was not my usual over-planned affair. It was sweet and simple this year. Part of my new K.I.S.S. philosophy (keep it simple stupid).


at the circus, big sis on left/birthday girl on right
blowing out candles, making wishes
To see the party decor…click below.

Ariel under the sea decorations
shells and jewels
the cake from target

4 thoughts on “happy birthday parker

  1. she is so special. i always called my daughters on the phone a sang happy birthday to you! as my mother always did me all the years i was growing up after i left home. i know my girls would never forgive me if i didnt call them and sing. wouldnt you girls?


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