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Noodle Art

Get a whole mess of noodles, some 11×17 poster board, Elmer’s Glue and create away! The girls loved this project and it’s low mess…mom loved that. Let the noodle art dry overnight, then display. We called the ribbon noodles “butterflies”. I was going to dye the noodles first, but I lost the energy. I saw this recipe on a blog somewhere: Put some noodles in a Ziploc baggy, add a few drops of food coloring, a few splashes of rubbing alcohol, let set for about 1 hour. Then, remove noodles from bag, place on lined baking sheet and let dry overnight. The pictures showed brilliant colored noodles as the finished product. You’ll just have to trust me ’cause I have no idea where I saw that.

art display in dining room

I came across “That Artist Woman” blog this weekend. I can’t get enough of the fun art projects for kids. And I love that they are a little more involved than  apple or potato stamping with paint. I mean, Gail is actually teaching kids to paint! There are 3 projects that I have bookmarked to try right away. I want to create the paint a fall tree project next week. So creative!

3 thoughts on “art club for kids

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog. I am thrilled you are interested in the projects and hope you’ll try a bunch. You can also post any of your photos of the projects in the flickr group to be seen in the art gallery with a link back to you.
    I really appreciate your openness to try more involved projects, it’s important to teach kids in this instant society that great things take time..including art.
    Take care.


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