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I originally had posted a rant about school fundraisers late last night, but this morning I decided that it was just too negative to keep posted. So, instead, here are two good things today:

super easy semi-homemade chocolate cake

This cake is from Grandma Mary’s recipe files. She takes 1 box of chocolate cake mix, 2 eggs and 1 can of cherry pie filling. I hand mixed the cake so the cherries remained intact. Mary uses a hand mixer and the cherries get broken up. Either way this cake is sooooo good! Bake per cake mix directions in a 9×12 pan, let cool, then top with your favorite chocolate icing (homemade or store-bought). Mary brought this cake to a family dinner and fouled everyone into thinking it made from scratch.

tiny dancer

Parker has started ballet class. Hard to believe she will be 4 years old in just 2 weeks. We are taking the kids to the circus for her birthday. Shhh, it’s a surprise. That place will surely bring back memories. Four years ago I was timing my contractions at the circus! We had spent the night before at the hospital hoping to give birth but they sent me home after I stalled at 3 centimeters. It would be four more long days before she was ready to join us. As far as the party goes, there won’t be one. We are having a low-key family only party (and the circus). That includes Grandma Mary and our friends, who are like family. She still can’t decide between Scooby Doo, princess or anything else that catches her eye for her cake. I have tried to talk her into a circus theme with no luck. I have a lot of creative ideas for that but, she is a toddler and she can change her mind if she wants too.

4 thoughts on “two things

  1. i remember when my mother would call me up after i was married and sing happy birthday to me as early as she could even if that meant waking me up from a sound sleep just so she was the first one to tell me it was my birthday that day. I shared every birthday with my twin sister and loved being a twin. She would get the same song and phone call too, and just as early. My mother has passed on and i still wait for that call every birthday that comes along i am reminded how much i miss her. so now i call my girls and sing to them the same old song and if they dont answer the phone, they get to hear it as many times as they want to on the answering machine. i am sure they listen to it over and over again. right girls?


    1. Yes, mom. I listen to it over and over again. šŸ˜‰ And now you passed along that tradition to us and we call everyone to sing to them on their birthday. Love ya.


  2. I just made my grandmother’s choc cherry cake today too – great minds think alike. I had to adapt to a gluten free version, but it still works well and takes just like I remember. Thanks for sharing.


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