marriage is…

Marriage is…grocery shopping together to save a buck
Marriage is…vacuuming the carpet
Marriage is…emptying the dishwasher, then refilling it
Marriage is…taking turns cooking dinner
Marriage is…putting the kids to bed, tag-team style
Marriage is…balancing the checkbook and paying bills
Marriage is…respecting each others requests
Marriage is…when the dryer dies and the mini van needs brakes
Marriage is…sharing your hopes and dreams with someone
Marriage is…sharing in the homework chore with the kids
Marriage is…putting your money together for the common good
Marriage is…listening when the other person talks
Marriage is…really listening
Marriage is…hanging out on the front porch on the swing
Marriage is…running to the store to pick up milk, late at night
Marriage is…watching your kids play, together
Marriage is…sharing in the disciple of the kids
Marriage is…faith in the future
Marriage is…growing old together
Marriage is…changing and growing together
Marriage is…emotionally supporting of another person
Marriage is…having someone to let off steam to
Marriage is...loving someone, even when they are not at their best
Marriage is…having someone to kiss everyday
Marriage is…we, not I

Marriage is…not always pretty and romantic. It’s not what you imagined. It’s not always happy days and passionate nights. It ebbs and flows with life. It’s valleys and hills. It’s a roller coaster ride…with laughing, crying and some screaming. Don’t disrespect it. Don’t take it for granted. Celebrate it. Enjoy it.

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  1. Great post. I write about marriage too, and I agree, there’s the big picture of course, but then there are the little things that help make the marriage a marriage.

    One thing I’d add is that love is a choice. Being married is a choice. Being IN love helps you get to the point where you want to get married, but actually being part of a marriage is a choice and a commitment, not just based on a feeling. I look forward to continue reading!


      1. Yes. It is a sad day when one partner forgets what marriage really is and bails on the whole thing…and their partner. I would add: Marriage is…never easy.


  2. Found you by searching Marriage tags. Love your post, and it’s so true. I’d love to link to it from my page if you don’t mind?


  3. Beautiful post – I also found you by searching “Marriage” and I’m glad I did…I may just have to do my own “Marriage is…” post even though I’ve only been married 5 months!


  4. i luv this post! just getting into the blogging world & am looking for subjects that i am passionate about & marriage is one of them! my marriage is just like ur post minus the kids, so the late night runs to the store are for sweets ๐Ÿ™‚ i really luv the listening part & the kissing everyday part ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. I wish my late night runs to the store were for ice cream…but sadly it usually isn’t that interesting! lol


    1. โ€œWhatโ€™s the point?โ€ you ask? How about having someone to grow old with. Someone to share your life with. You talk about “freedom” and “independence” in your post. Freedom and Independence is for when you are young. When you go out and find out who you are before entering into marriage. Marriage is a different stage in life. Marriage is working together towards a common goal. It’s about taking into account the needs of your partner as well as yourself. It is not all me, me, me. It can’t be, the marriage would fail. No, marriage isn’t for everyone. That is why you should probably stay single.


  5. i agree with your reply, however, there is definately a freedom & independence in marriage, it’s just different from the single understanding of it. i also agree that marriage is not for everyone, everyone is not willing to surrender their mind or their heart to the wants & needs of someone else…


    1. Exactly. My definition of freedom when I was single is different than when I got married. Surrender is a good way of relating to marriage. If someone is asking “What’s the point?” I would say, “You’re not ready.”


      1. What I was getting at was saying “it’s not all bad” implies that it’s going to be mostly bad. Since my marriage is extremely happy now, I wish we could change that to thinking there will be some bad, but mostly marriage will be very fulfilling


  6. wow, well said! That is so true. We need to rejoice the marriage instead of focusing on the little imperfections !


    1. It is too easy to pick on imperfections. It takes work to love them anyway. At least that is what I keep telling myself. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. Some great ideas for reflection. I blog about marriage and keeping the spark alive. My two faves are…having someone to kiss, and loving someone even when they are not at their best.


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