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Tired of the angry words my family was using with one another, I got the “soft answers” jar idea over at {here}. The concept comes from the Bible verse:

“A soft answer turns away wrath” – Proverbs 15:1

I printed the verse out and mounted it to an old vitamin jar. Whenever one of us hears a “soft answers” to another person in the family, we placed a mini pom-pom in the jar. When the jar is filled we get a reward of doing something special as a family. Oh yeah, if we caught someone using not-so-soft-answers we would take a pom-pom out of the jar. Well, it took all summer but we finally filled the jar. I wanted to go apple picking in Southern Colorado. I got out-voted and we went mini-golfing instead. We’re lucky. Westminster has a very elaborate golf course complete with volcanoes, waterfalls and shooting water. We had a lot fun although Parker lost interest at about hole 4! Too bad we didn’t keep score because I would have beat everyone.

Parker patiently (sort of) waiting her turn

Alex just excited she can finally golf

art club for kids.

After my massive clean out of the storage under the stairs I found a set of artist watercolors. We put those to good use this weekend by painting new artwork for our artwork display in the dining room. I taught the girls to salt trick with watercolors. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle salt on the area. It makes a cool crystal-like effect. But be prepared to have salt everywhere!

The girls working hard on their paintings
Cafe rod plus curtain clips equals a cute art display

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    1. These are the clips that are in the shower curtain section of the store (I found them at Target). There is a ring with a little clip attached. They are used more for shower curtain, I think.


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