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Alex is about to start school in a week. She’ll be a big third grader! Rumor among the parents is that 3rd grade is going to be harder with more homework and higher expectations. I am told to expect 40 minutes of homework and 20 minutes of reading a night. One hour of homework total?  How on earth are kids going to find time to be a kid? I know I never had homework in 3rd grade growing up. Of course, I wasn’t as smart as Alex either. But really, she has her whole life to work her butt off…she’ll only be 8 years old once!

We headed out to Target this morning to buy school supplies. We waited til the “last minute” apparently because everything was picked over. There wasn’t a box of pencils in the whole store and I think I bought wet erase markers instead of dry erase markers. Although, the supply list doesn’t specify which markers the teacher wants. It just says “Expo markers”, but my box is labeled “Expo”. Anyhoo.

Here’s a money saving tip: “Shop” your house first for school supplies. Things like highlighters, red pens, rulers, scissors, pencil sharpeners, 3-ring binders, all of which were left over from last year and in perfectly good condition can be used again this year. We also have 3 backpacks that are is great condition. She had to choose one to use this year. She did get a new lunchbox and on the list was a Soprano Recorder (an English Flute, $8 at the music store). Grand total: $38.54 after using the $10 gift card I had on hand. This includes also the classroom supplies required, like Kleenex,  index cards, and Ziploc bags, but I still need hand wipes…and pencils, sharpened.

Tonight is our annual school shopping night. We go out to dinner with Mary and her 2 daughters, then we shop til we drop for school clothes. Alex has already been informed of our tight budget. So, with savings cards in hand we will look for bargains but still look stylish for third grade! Because we all know the first day of school isn’t about who you are but what you are wearing! At least that is what my 3rd grader thinks…

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