is mcdonald’s laughing now?

Remember all the hoopla a few months back involving McDonald’s and their Happy Meal toys? Basically, a group in California wanted to ban McDonald’s from offering those cheap plastic toys in their Happy Meals. They argued that kids only wanted the meals because of the toys. A marketing ploy. A genius on at that. (Read more here.)

Well, have you seen the latest TV commercial? This is how it goes:

3 girls looking into what appears to be a store front window.

Girl #1: “Oh, I want the dog.”

Girl #2: “Oh, I want the cat.”

Girl #3: “I want the chicken McNuggets.”

Pan to the inside of McDonald’s. A family is eating lunch with the kids at the table enjoying their Happy Meal complete with the latest toys…Littlest Pet Shop.

I have to wonder if McDonald’s marketing department is laughing in the face of the people who so hated them just a few months ago. I think so. I actually did chuckle a little bit at that one.

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