i just have to ask…seriously?

I walked into Parker’s pre-school class a few weeks ago to find there was 3 new little girls in her class. Before you get all excited, let me explain. These are not just 3 little girls, these are identical triplet girls. And when I say identical, I mean identical. Not only do these girls look the same…because they are identical…but they are dressed identicalIdentical hair-dos. Identical shirts. Identical shorts. Identical sandals. Identical everything! 

I was creeped out just a little bit. Okay, more than a little bit. I thought maybe, just maybe it was a fluke. You know, the girls won’t always be dressed identical. I was wrong. Every morning I see them. And every morning they are dressed identical, from head to toe. Identical. I bet they even have an identical first letter in their name, like, “L” or “J”.  And I have to ask…are they wearing identical underwear? This is just one of many questions I have. How long will this go on? How can the teachers tell them apart? What if Lisa wants to wear pink and Lizzy hates pink and Lila wants to wear orange today? Are they allowed to choose?

Seriously, what happened to individually?

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