you made my day, man

Yesterday started off rotten. Alex wet her bed and climbed into bed with us at 3 o’clock! But she just doesn’t crawl into bed. She has to wake us both up as she is crawling into bed. Then Daddy tells her to go use the bathroom. Honey, she just wet her bed, I think she is good. She uses our bathroom, being sure to turn on the blinding light while she goes potty again. Then she crawls back into bed, tossing and turning because she can’t get comfortable. It’s at least an hour and a half before I find REM sleep only to get kicked by the aforementioned daughter. Then slapped in the face. Then kicked some more. I was never so happy to hear the alarm go off in my life!

Needless to say I was in a bad mood yesterday morning. Sleep deprivation does that to me every time. (Yes, 3 fewer hours of sleep is deprivation to me!)

I needed coffee in a bad way. And not that cheap decaf Target brand coffee I keep at home either. I needed some seriously-strong-convenience-store-coffee-for-a-buck. As I am filling my cup of coffee, an overly cheerful man walks into the store to get himself a cup of joe too. He starts chatting it up with me. Man, this guy was cheerful. Even though I am not in the mood, I fake it, because I am seriously working on that personality fault. We had a polite conversation.

As he starts to leave, he tells me, “Have a blessed week.”

Instantly, I like this guy at little bit more. And guess what else? My mood has greatly improved. Funny how a few words of kindness can go a long way to making someone’s day a little bit brighter. Thanks, man.

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