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We all have habits that we should kick. Habits like smoking; it’s bad for our lungs. Drinking less soda and drink more water. Eating less junk food and eat more fruits and vegetables. We know we should change those habits. But what about less  obvious habits like biting our nails, cursing less, or shopping to deal with stress? These are not necessarily bad for our health but habits we should change all the same.

My bad habit (at the moment) that I am seriously trying to curb is running yellow traffic lights. And if you talk to my lil’ sis, don’t believe her if she tells you I am not doing a very good job so far!

Green light means…Go. Red light means…Stop. Yellow light means…no, not step on it to get through the light before it turns red! Actually, it means “slow down and prepare to stop”.

Public Service Announcement. Consider this next time you think about running that yellow-almost-red-light: Nearly 1,000 people are killed every year in car accidents resulting from running lights. It doesn’t sound like a lot…unless you are 1 of those 1,000 people.

Update: I am happy to report that I stopped at every yellow light today. Well, unless you count the one I ran because only 4 cars got through before the light turned yellow. I was car number 4 on the yellow light. (sigh) The 5th car behind me definitely ran the red light. Man, he should really work on that!

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  1. Sounds like you have one of those “INVISIBLE” sensors on your van like mine , that makes every traffic light tum yellow when you want to be somewhere!


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