caught in a lie

Alex caught me in a lie. This was after I had been lecturing her about lying all week long. Worse yet, she did something sneaky to find out I had lied.

She wanted over-priced ice cream from the ice cream truck rolling down the block. I didn’t want to pay four times the price for 1 ice cream bar when I could spend the same amount and get a whole box (or two) of ice cream bars at the store. So, I lied and said I had no cash on me when I actually had $13. She was sneaky and got into my purse to find the money. She started yelling at me that I lied.

In my defense, I was going to use that money for a few things I needed to pick up at the grocery store, so in my mind I didn’t have any money. Unfortunately for me, it was a lie and I took the easy way out.

Once I calmed down about her sneaking into my purse, we had a little talk. I explained to her that sometimes it’s easier as a parent to take the road of less aggravation than to tell the truth. It doesn’t make it right. I chose to lie rather than have a lengthy discussion with an 8 year old about how the money is for whatever at the store and then have the debate of  why-can’t-you-just-use-your-debit-card-theory. (ugh) Then I have to explain, again, that you must have money in your bank account to use your debit card. It’s not free money. Money is a little tight this week until I get paid.  So I can’t afford to pay $9.25 for 2 ice cream bars…okay?

Even parents make mistakes, just like kids. The easy road isn’t always the best example to set for our kids. I did teach her (and me) a valuable lesson. I just wish that lesson had not been at my expense! (sigh)

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