gator farm

Colorado Gator Farms. I don’t know the exact number of gators that are at the farm and neither does Gator Jay, the curator of the farms. I’ll say there are A LOT OF GATORS. Many of his gators (more than 150) were rescued from people who thought a gator would make a good pet. Not their brightest moment, I am sure. Alex could not wait to hold the baby gator. (Her nickname is Alligator.)

The girls had so much fun feeding the gators the “gator-chow”. We were told to keep a close eye on the kids though. Since the fence surroundings weren’t exactly secure. I never saw any gators in the bushes though. I really don’t think there was much danger. We just didn’t let the kids run off without us, just to be safe.

They rescue other animals too. The most famous gator (and undoubtably the hugest) is “Jake” {below}. He appeared in the movies Happy Gilmore and An Interview with a Vampire.

And if you have some time to kill, head over to Rocky Mountain PBS for a great webisode called “How the West was Camped” featuring the Great Sand Dunes and Gator Farms here. Be sure to check out the other 3 webisodes featuring fun and exciting places to visit and camp in Colorado: Turquoise Lake, Florissant Fossil Beds and Black Canyon in Gunnison. Just search “How the West was Camped”. They are only about 8 minutes each. (Be sure to leave some love, too.)

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