memories of summer

I got the idea of “memories of summer” from Ali Edwards except her version is “stories of summer”. Yeah, I scrap-lifted the idea. I love her blog. Her layouts are so sophisticated in design. 

Summertime is the quintessential season for being a kid. Carefree days of running around bare foot, playing in the sprinklers, riding a bike, swimming, staying up late and eating ice cream on a hot day…that’s the stuff of sweet childhood memories. If I think hard enough, I can conjour up memories of home-made ice cream as a kid in rural Missouri. We had one of those old-fashioned ice cream makers. Our arms would tire and our muscles ache from cranking the handle, for what seemed like hours, before the creamy-cool goodness was ready to eat. But when it was time to dig in…it was oh-so-good!

When  I was a kid, we had 2 tire swings in the backyard. Shannon and I would spend hours on the swings during the summer. Of course, there wasn’t much else to do living in the country… So, when my van tires finally gave out I saw the opportunity to turn one of them into a swing for the girls; much to the delight of my girl of summer, Alexandra! I am sure this tire swing is going to be a favorite of her and her friends this summer.
Credits: Background paper & heart embellishments at A Little Dreamer Designs creation by Michelle Coleman, “Summer Memories” wordart (bottom right corner)

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